Book Reviews

As Indie authors, we all need a little help, right? We have poured our everything into a novel that we want people to read. Not only read, but enjoy. It may have been a story that we’ve carried around in our minds for years, or something inspired by a single moment. We have put words to paper and went over those words time and time again. We have edited, revised, trashed, revised, rewrote and edited some more. We have had our friends and family read it (and hopefully a beta reader or six). We have polished it to the point of absolutely shining.

Now what?

Some authors go the “mainstream” route and send query letters to agents (drillions of query letters, with about as many rejections), hoping to hook just one into taking a look at our “baby”. For those authors, I say, kudos to you!

Others of us take the “new” route and self publish. In the year 2012 and beyond, authors can skip the whole query/agent/editor process. With a plethora of tools at our disposal, we can have our polished masterpiece up on Amazon or Barnes & Noble in a flash.

But, again, now what?

Marketing. (that should so be a four letter word!). We tweet, post, blog, hold local author meetups and any other thing we can think of to get the word out. More often than not, our book just sits in cyberspace hoping to catch the eye of a reader or two. We pray that those few people will love it and tell other people about it. Maybe even leave a review for other people so they, too, get inspired to read it.

I am just one person (and an Indie author with a WIP), but I would love to help! I would love to review your novel on my blog, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon/Barnes and Noble. Every little bit helps, right?

How it works: contact me on my blog (leave a comment below this post), DM me on Twitter, or email me at christi(dot)leaverton(at)yahoo(dot)com. I will give you my mailing address so you can send me a final version of your book. I will read and review. Easy, peasy.  **we will discuss timeframe upon initial contact, which depends wholly on the amount of books already in my review queue, my writing schedule and how many ‘adult responsibilities’ I have coming up.

Happy writing!


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