Centennial Land Run Monument, Oklahoma City, OK

The Centennial Land Run Monument is a must see if you’re in the Oklahoma City area. Sometimes referred to as the Oklahoma Land Run Monument, it is designed to commemorate the Oklahoma land run of 1889. At noon on April 22, 1889, more than two million acres of Indian Territory in Oklahoma were opened up for settlement. Cannons were fired and the run (race) was on!

It was referred to as “Harrison’s Horserace” as President Benjamin Harrison is the one who issued the proclamation to open the “unassigned land”.

The sculptures depicting the Land Run are referred to as “heroic size” meaning they are one and a half times “life size”. Trust me, they are huge. If you take the time to walk up and really look at the sculptures, you will notice all of the intricate detail put into each piece.

I actually took these photos last year, and as I understand it, more sculptures have been added since then. Which means, more pictures this year!

When the Centennial Land Run Monument is completed, it will be one of the largest  freestanding bronze art sculptures in the world. It will span over 365 feet and be 36 feet wide (and 16 feet tall!). There will be 45 individual pieces when all is said and done.

To get to the Centennial Land Run Monument, just go to the far end of the Bass Pro Shop parking lot (lower Bricktown, right along I-40) – you can’t miss it.

**p.s. look at my last photo with people standing next to the sculptures to get an idea of the size



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