Parrot’s Cove Cabin Extra, Guthrie, OK

I posted about our little mini getaway to Parrot’s Cove cabin in Guthrie a couple of week’s ago. You can see that post here. We loved it! It was like a quick trip to a faux Key West – and it’s just what we needed.

Parrot’s Cove cabin is one of a handful of cabin’s owned and operated by Aaron’s Gate out of Edmond, OK. All cabins are virtually secluded and are sure to give you that privacy and relaxation you might be looking for.

While there, we took the time to go exploring. Get those fit band steps in, check out the area and take some pictures. I had my camera in tow and I just couldn’t resist that bit of adventure 🙂

The very first cabin you see when entering the property is “The Meadowlark Barn”. This is the cabin with the silo and the antique truck. It’s a wonderful greeting to see this as you round the first curve.




We also took a walk along a trail away from the cabins. It was stormy that day and we ended up having to hurry back as the first raindrops hit us. But, I was able to get a few pictures along the way. My favorite is the “heart” hole in the clouds as the storm gathered.


Again, if you ever need a quick secluded getaway just north of the OKC metro, this is perfect!


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